Thoughts on “Why I Started Chanting”

One of my joys is reading the experiences of SGI members around the world and how struggles and obstacles are transformed into victories through Buddhist practice.

I came across this powerful excerpt from a member in Canada:

I looked into various spiritual practices, but none of them answered the questions that I had. One night, it got to boiling point where my past demons were haunt­ing me. I couldn’t seem to break the cycle. Suddenly, I found myself saying Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. It just came out of my mouth. The more I said it, the more the feeling of desperation and depression went away. So I just kept saying it.

The full experience with Q&A is here.

What I find most encouraging is that this is someone who encountered Buddhism previously and has siblings that practice, but personally there was not an interest to ever engage in chanting. But in the midst of a very difficult time with stress and struggle, he found his own answer, which became a turning point for the rest of his life.

If I can plant the seed so that even one person can find the answer that works for them, even when they’re struggling with dark times, I’ll have no regrets in my life.


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