Thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Practicing Buddhism With The SGI”

Another day – another opportunity to read an exciting blog post by a fellow SGI Buddhist member enjoying life!

Full article is here.

My thoughts, when reading it, were that I could very easily write my own list of 5 reasons, even 10 or 20. That’s not to say that practicing Buddhism is perfect (it’s not for the normally lazy lesser self I am battling), and the SGI isn’t always perfect either (you can’t get along with everyone you meet, even in a world peace organization). But I never take for granted my appreciation at having come across an answer to my questions and needs while I’m still young. And I believe one of my responsibilities is to help others that are looking for something similar.

I’m not saying it’s for everyone. Nothing is for everyone. But if I could turn back time and change some mistakes I made in the past, I wouldn’t, for a second, go back to the beginning of my Buddhist practice.


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