Google Search Does Not Like Buddhism

Google, I’ve been with you since the very beginning – eschewing search engines like Lycos and Yahoo. And everyone except Microsoft and Bing have learned to accept that you absolutely dominate web indexing and searches.

So why is it that when I search for “Buddhism,” a world religion with at least a couple hundred million believers and practitioners, I’m greeted with a dreadful list of results. Your algorithm is so good at producing results for other searches, but this is not what I’d have in mind if I’m just trying to learn about Buddhism in general for a class project:

Buddhanet – a very old website with out-of-date information. It’s not mobile friendly and I doubt the site is even maintained anymore

Slate – Why I ditched Buddhism – Now admittedly Slate is a somewhat trusted publication and the title is provocative. But all I did was search for Buddhism and I’m getting a hate job from someone that practiced Zen for a hot minute and decided it wasn’t for him. You can’t possibly tell me that this is a good or useful result for someone interested in Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhism – all the results direct from Google that are presented as representative facts are referring to Tibetan Buddhism. I get that the world knows of the Dalai Lama, but the actual number of people that practice Tibetan Buddhism is miniscule (certainly not a representative amount). Google’s essentially spitting out results that paint Buddhism as a “dead” religion for people living in the mountains.

Google, please give us Buddhists some love by indexing useful sites that are current and maintained. I can’t wait for the day when I can say that Google Search Likes Buddhism.


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