To My Friends January 25

To My Friends 1/25/17 by Daisaku Ikeda


Let’s pour our heart and soul into

fostering our Future Division members!

Discover their strengths and praise

them for their efforts!

The growth and development of

these treasured successors will

determine the destiny of humankind.


Note: To My Friends is encouragement sent out daily by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda.


My thoughts

I love the idea of empowering the youth of the world. The daily news that I find saddest is when I see youth feeling hopeless and committing irrational acts (feeling that the future is bleak, lashing out against others, hurting oneself, etc.)

It’s no joke to say that the youth are the future, and in addition to normal growing pains, the effects of technology and 24/7 media aid this accelerated pressure on youth.

Tweens act like teens, teens act like young adults, and young adults think they know everything.

Today I want to encourage at least one person in my life, and I hope you can take a moment to do the same.


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