To My Friends February 5

To My Friends – from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda on 2/5/17

“Youth” is another name for “hope.”
Those who walk together with
young people with the 
heart of a youth will also

The wording of this in English is a bit awkward, but the message is nonetheless an important one. There was a time when every generation of parents believed that their children’s lives would be easier and better. But I think if you polled people around the world today, the number and percentage of optimistic folks like that will be significantly lower than in years’ past.

I think that most people no longer see “youth” and think of hope. That makes the rest of the encouragement important — the impetus is on non-youth to “walk together” and support the youth. In fact, it is up to you and me to be youthful and to protect (even restore) the hope for the future.

Now I just need to understand what it means to have a heart of a youth…


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