To My Friends February 1

To My Friends – from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda on 2/1/17

Kosen-rufu means
cultivating friendships.
Let’s create bonds of trust
through sincere efforts to
get to know our neighbors and
steady contributions to
our communities.

Kosen-rufu is an especially important concept in Nichiren Buddhism because it’s ultimately the worldwide goal that Nichiren set out. It surely has many different meanings but typically you’ll hear someone explain it as “world peace” or “widespread adoption of Buddhist humanistic principles”. Without writing a full essay, Dr. Ikeda distills world peace into actionable items for everyday people.

You don’t have to practice Buddhism to cultivate friendships, and to be a good neighbor that contributes to the community. And yet you would still be contributing to the ultimate goal of Nichiren Buddhism. Isn’t that interesting?


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