Daily Encouragement January 30

January 30 – from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

Buddhism teaches that “all phenomena in the universe are manifestations of the Law”. I hope you will, with this understanding, engage in broad-ranging studies with vigor and determination. The brain has a potential as vast and boundless as the universe. How then do we manifest the brain’s full creative powers? There is only one way to bring out our full intellectual capacity: by constantly putting our minds to work.

One way to read this encouragement is that Buddhist practice enables one to perceive all phenomena as they truly are, and the way to develop that ability is through a spirit to learn about all kinds of subjects. It reminds me of a meeting written about in the Human Revolution where 2nd SGI President Josei Toda declares to a group of young men something along the lines of, “Buddhism permeates all aspects and fields of study. You may consider yourself an expert in mathematics or science, but I can confidently say that with Buddhist practice, I would be able to perceive the foundation of any field of study”.

Both SGI Presidents are emphasizing the vastness of one’s innate potential, and ultimately the power of this Buddhism to draw out more and more of that amazing capacity. It’s like chanting for 15 minutes a day and studying for another 15 minutes allows me to scratch the surface of my potential. But if I open my life to the reality that I have so much more capacity, and challenge myself accordingly, I’ll truly be able to accomplish great things.


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