Daily Encouragement January 29

January 29 – from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

Practicing Buddhism means being victorious. In advancing one step at a time amid the realities of our daily lives, in showing concrete actual proof, in becoming victors and successes, we are demonstrating with our very beings the validity of Nichiren Buddhism and serving as a source of hope and inspiration for those who will follow us on the path of faith.

One thing that has consistently drawn me to this Buddhism is the importance of advancing “amid the realities of our daily lives”. I don’t have any plans to retreat to a tranquil place and/or remove myself from the trials and tribulations of the workplace, so I need to run directly towards my struggles.

But even that is not enough in one sense, the purpose is to be victorious so I can share these triumphs with people in my life and empower them as well. How wonderful is that!


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