Daily Encouragement February 4

February 4 – from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

Please never turn your back on your faith. Courage is crucial. There is no room for faintheartedness in faith. The timid doom themselves to ridicule–from their partners, from their children, from their friends, from the world at large. Nichiren declares that there is no place for cowards among his disciples. President Toda said the same.

An unexpectedly strict daily guidance from President Ikeda this February 4th. I’ve read elsewhere that strict guidance only works if you care enough about the person receiving the guidance for he/she to understand the kind heart behind the words.

I feel that the most important line is “Courage is crucial. There is no room for faint-heartedness in faith“. What would the point of faith be if it crumbles like a house of cards in the face of a large obstacle? Without courage, you can find yourself paralyzed and/or overwhelmed by difficult circumstances. But with Buddhism and clear faith, you can see difficulties for what they are — opportunities to turn poison into medicine.


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