Buddhist Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions

As I’m getting around to reading some other Buddhist blogs, every day I learn something new and have to reflect on how I’m pursuing my Buddhist practice.

Today I took a few minutes to read Wildmind’s blog post on making New Year’s Resolutions stick. Article is here. My thoughts:

  • I’ve been told at Buddhist meetings that determinations last about 3 days, so it’s natural to re-make those determinations accordingly. We’re at the end of January so we should really be making those determinations 10 times already this year!
  • As one of our themes, SGI members have been encouraged to be youthful by harnessing the Spirit of Challenge, Spirit of Learning, and Spirit of Open Dialogue. Personally I’ve been putting my challenges first and foremost every single day.
  • There’s no substitution for prayer. If you’re serious about a new resolution, then you need to battle it spiritually on a daily basis. If the goal is to chant more, then obviously this applies 10x.
  • Keep your goals in front of you. My altar has a goal sheet so I can reflect on some important challenges before and after I chant. And I also carry my goals on my phone so if I ever start sliding into the lower worlds, I remind myself of all the reasons I need to change my life in 2017.

I hope this has been a helpful list for you, and that you’ll also share some ideas below – let’s achieve our resolutions this year together!


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