About Buddhist Next Door

Back in the 2000s as I started to learn about Buddhism, I turned to the Internet for answers to my many questions about life, death, love, and the SGI.

At the time there was a wealth of blogs on Angelfire or AOL by regular people that were practicing Buddhism and sharing their experiences and hosting discussions online.  It was important to me to see the different perspectives of Buddhists around the world.

Yet somehow in 2017 when I decided to revisit some of those same initial questions and find Buddhistic answers for my questions, 95% of those blogs and personally hosted sites are gone. There’s still a concentration of content on SGI websites and videos on Youtube that are useful.  But I’m old fashioned in that I want to read content, and I’m still unsure why so many of that sites disappeared.

So being impulsive and impatient, I’ve taken it upon myself to open this virtual discussion meeting where we can study together, encourage one another, and take a few moments a day to focus on the infinite wisdom and encourage we are all naturally endowed with.

I’m not a representative or leader in any Buddhist organization, just someone you’d meet at a coffee shop that’s been practicing Buddhism my whole life. And in the spirit of strengthening the core aspects of faith, practice, and study, I’m going to share what I think as I learn more put my Buddhist practice to work in everyday life.

My goals are to strengthen my own faith and practice, and to give back to the Buddhist community that I owe so much. And if I can achieve anything else through writing and maintaining this blog, I’ll gladly accept those lessons and benefits. I’m looking forward to the challenge of writing often and getting to know you!